ARA MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT is founded by Patri Aragoneses in 2011. After a professional career focused on artists management and communication, the company gets established with good reputation among the companies in the entertainment industry, specially in the music business.


Known for the care taken during the process of developing an artist musical career, ARA MUSIC works on all the fields related to the music business, including management, tour production, promotion and communication campaigns, music publishing, marketing and sponsorhips.

Our Group


After developing the professional careers of our artists, different experiences and people from the industry inspire ARA Music Entertainment to set up the branding area in the agency, managing sponsorships, private events, tour sponsoring, as well as managing image association between brands and artists.


Brands and publicity agencies both require of musical and artistic services for image association contracts, TV and radio spots, marketing, music licensing, private events, among others.


ARA Music Entertainment works communication and promotional campaigns for events, tours and/or festivals. Thanks to its good relationship with the press and media outlets of the country, we study the communication strategy that requires the campaign and the brand, identifying targets-audiences and close the deals for each media outlet (Mediaset, RTVE, PRISA Group, COPE Group, Renfe and exterior publicity, etc.).

In 2013 PATAR PROMOCIONES is created inside ARA Music Entertainment as a music promotion department. This department only works the music promotion for external artists not signed up on our roster, where a promotional and media tour is prepared and executed for their own personal musical project.


We manage and direct professional music careers of our artists, keeping up with an identity and trademark; with that foundation, we develop and create artist musical careers with a global perspective. Artists such as Coti, Mónica Naranjo, Edurne, Iguana Tango, Roko, Diego Martín o El Mentón de Fogarty, among other, with whom we have being actively working.


The acquired experience in the projects we have had and have been involved, make us to open up the option to develop new talents, field that we start working from a early stage and making plans from mid-to-large terms for their professional settle down.


ARA Music Entertainment has worked in tours of its own artists and also on external ones, like Roxette in Madrid and Barcelona, various Coca Cola Music Experience concerts, among many others.

As a concert promoter, ARA Music Entertainment works the music tours and concerts of its very own artists. Also, ARA Music works as a concert placement agent with Town Halls, Brands, Producers and other people that request an artist (from our roster or not) for their events.

Music Publishing

ARA PEER MADRID is the music publisher that belongs to ARA Music Entertainment, subsidiary of the multinational Peermusic with the duty of music publishing, managing synchros and musical pieces permits.


The location and design of our offices allow ARA Music Entertainment to establish itself as a point of reference on the music industry, including our very own recording studio on the same floor.

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ARA Music Entertainment

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